[PressLogic] AR Wedding Invitation Card

Thank you Press Logic for interviewing us on our AR Invitation Card. AR is a technology that combines virtual elements onto physical products. For more information, please visit our WedCam AR Platform to see different AR scenes. Click here to see the whole article.

[MetroRadio] Innovation explorer

Creote was invited to give out a sharing on the Metro Radio about our vision and journey of becoming entrepreneur. Both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality can add value and creativity to your service and product. Be sure to check out our portfolio to see what can AR and VR do!

D-Mark Certification 2018

D-Mark is a recognition to companies that have established an effective framework for harnessing quality designs, and Creote is honoured to receive such certification for the 2nd year!

[Insight Success] The 10 Most Innovative AR/VR Solution Providers 2018

Creote is honoured to annonce that we have been chosen as one on the 10 most innovative AR and VR solution providers 2018. Providing business solutions driven by AR and VR has always been our sole purpose, while design and creativity are the keys to success. We will keep working our hardest to push forward […]

HKACE Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Award 2017

Creote Studio is proud to announce that we have won the HKACE Top 10 SME Customer Service Excellence Award again, thank you for everyone’s support and we are going to strive harder to provide a better service in the future!

[MetroFinance] Creote Stdio x AR/VR

Creote Studio was honour to have received an opportunity given by Metro Finance to share some thoughts and vision of the future AR and VR. AR and VR can turn your design concepts to life and bring a whole new dimension to the audience. Talk to us about your idea and see how we can […]

[JF Digital] AR wedding card

Creote has made its appearance on the JF Digital magazine to share the application of Augmented Reality. The usage of AR technology could be broadly applied and there is no limitations of designing the concepts of each effect. Come talk to us and share your ideas in mind!

[City Magazine Design Post] Creote Studio

Thank you City Magazine Design Post for its coverage on AR/VR services that we provide. Augmented Reality could be used in advertising or promoting fields so to attract customers. Other than AR, Creote Studio is developing Virtual Reality Technology as well. It can be used in education field in order to let companies to train their employees. Please […]

Top 25 AR/VR Technology Solution Providers 2017

Creote Studio has been named by APAC CIO Outlook Magazine as part of the 25 most promising AR/VR solution providers in 2017. We were exited to have received this global recognition and we promise to provide the best quality designs in the future.

[Varsity] VR Technology – a Gimmick or the Future?

We are thankful to have Varsity interviewing us. Virtual Reality can be divided into training and simulation, as well as reality experience. For example, 3D modelling is used to reproduce construction sites from the real world for workers’ training in our previous project with Hong Kong Electric Company. Using VR training software will be a […]