VR can provide a new experience in learning that is interactive, fun, and engaging to students. There are a lot of things that we cannot do with traditional teaching approaches. Students can often become overwhelmed by the overflowing of text and images that textbooks offer, and it is often very hard for students to grasp exactly what the contents and in what context they are about. For example, historical scenes from a famous battle, the terrain of a geographical location, relationship between planets in the universe, all these information are traditionally presented in text and diagrams often require the

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students to put in some kind of imagination into the learning process, and the interpretation of each student may vary, so the overall learning outcome cannot be consistent across the board in the learning process. What if we can take the students right into the scene where the history took place? What if we can take them

right into the geographical locations where they are studying on? What if we can take them all to space and let them see it themselves? Experience can make learning processes a whole lot more efficient and effective, it is also fun and engaging that encourages and motivates students to learn. But most of the examples given above are either very expensive or impossible to accomplish in the real World.

Thanks to VR technologies, all those are now possible to achieve from right inside a classroom. With the combination of 3D Virtual Worlds and 360 Degree Videos, we can place the students at any location in any scenario. Simulation of different situations can also add a dynamic experience to the learning process, allowing students to learn through an experience, rather than reading texts written by someone else.

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