VR is closely related to gaming and is already gaining strong presence in the gaming industry. Traditional gaming is presented over a screen, where players are being isolated from the actual action. With VR integrated into the game, the whole experience is totally different. Players are being immersed into the game environment and become a part of the game itself. The 360 degree visual controls give the players more flexibility, and interactions can be implemented into any direction of the player, giving a much more intense and engaging experience.

VR games have been brought into the Commercial World by many brands to attract engagements in the consumer market. We can see a lot of examples of various brands using VR games as a marketing tool to create noise in the market. There is an increasing number of mall promotions, exhibitions, and road shows

that have integrated VR gaming elements into their campaign. Many of the experiences integrate some form of elements relating to their brand, products or services into the VR game. For example, a diving game to promote a newly launched diving watch, a roller coaster game that requires the player to spot the number of the company’s logos appearing during the course of the ride etc. VR games can add a lot of fun elements to your brand, and also serves as a soft selling approach and enhance your targeting to the younger generations. We provide a wide range of services catering for commercial needs with VR entertainments. We can custom design the experience for you, or use one of our pre-made games and add in your brand elements. We also provide short term hardware rentals for your events and help you minimize the overall expenses to help you realize the amazing experience for your events.

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