VR has opened up tremendous opportunities for the healthcare industry. It can serve as an effective tool for patients to overcome their difficulties through virtual simulations and trainings. This is particularly useful for people that has social difficulties and help them adapt and reconnect with us through progressive simulations. For example, VR can help kids with Autism in a way that is never seen before. Autism can often cause disconnection in social relationships and communication difficulties with the World. We can setup a Virtual World through VR where children with Autism can put themselves in a Virtual World where they can feel comfortable with. Different objects are designed to be placed into the virtual environment, maybe even toys or characters that the children like so they can get comfortable. We can start off by an initial conversation with such objects and start to let the children get used to communicating with

the things that they like, We can then progressively introduce different elements from the Real World such as people into the scene, and lets the children progressively getting used to communicating with characters that are in the form of a human being, and at the end slowly progress to physical communications with a real person.

VR is also a great tool for educating the general public to become aware of difficulties that people with special needs are facing. For example, it is often difficult to illustrate what difficulties kids are facing with dyslexia. With VR, we can simulate a similar feeling and scenario to the public, letting people experience what it is like to be present in a World where words and writings are scrambled. It is important that we understand what they are truly experiencing before we could come up with something that can be truly be helpful to them.

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