[MingPao] WedCam Provides AR Effects for HKDC

It is very exciting to work with Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) to implement WedCam’s AR effects onto HKDC’s upcoming 2014 Annual Report. MingPao has covered the story of this innovative idea and perhaps the first in the World in incorporating AR effects onto business related reports.

A traditional annual report is thick in pages that contains a lot of information and figures about a company’s achievements and future directions. However, readers do not usually have the time to read through every page of the report. If we can provide a channel on the physical report where readers can easily get a rich summary of the contents within the report, it could create a whole new experience for the readers that does not only adds convenience, but also create additional values for them.

HKDC has appointed us to create an Augmented Reality (AR) effect to be implemented into their 2014 annual report through our award winning AR platform – WedCam. Readers will only need to download our WedCam app from App Store or Google Play and point the app camera onto the annual report, a summary of the contents in a visual format instantly appears right in front of the readers, and the readers can conveniently learn about HKDC’s key messages without having to even flip a single page.