VR is a very useful tool for simulation purposes as it places you right inside the desired location and situation. The main difference between VR simulations and traditional simulators is that it works in 360 degrees, and can be controlled by our native motions, so no additional operation learning is required. The Virtual World is constructed with 3D models and animations, it can be as flexible as you can imagine. Any scenario can be replicated including the ones that are very costly or impossible to produce in real life like explosions, large scale environments, space adventures, and so on. Possibilities on VR simulation are unlimited.

The primary mechanism of a VR simulation is very similar to video games. With the integration of game technologies and concepts into the VR experience, we can be placed in a specific location and scenarios where specific tasks are required to be completed. A scoring mechanism can also be included as part of the VR experience to keep track of how the user performs throughout the simulation. A report of the overall performance can be produced and presented at the end of each simulated sessions, letting the user know what he/she did best in, and which areas he/she needs to improve. The performance details can also be recorded and be used to calculate the progressive performance as the user repeats the simulation encouraging continual improvements over a period of time.

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